vinařství Josef Abrle

My ancestors used to run a family restaurant as far back as the era of the First Czechoslovak Republic (the 1920s and 30s). Later, their descendant Karel Kubata became a renowned chef, keeping up the family tradition. My primary goal is to make sure the name Kubata is still going strong in gastronomy today.

My journey towards wine

Unknowingly, I took the first step towards my business in 1990, enrolling in a school in Poděbrady to become a waiter.

In 1998, visiting the Gurmán restaurant club in Lysá nad Labem, I made an extremely pleasant discovery: there are good wines in the world. It was here where I started working as a waiter a year later and began to learn the complexities and secrets of wine. I would like to thank Michal Procházka, who guided my steps at the time and introduced me into the world of wine, for his kindness and patience.

As time went by, I served tables at numerous other restaurants, the last one being "U básníka pánve" ("The Frying Pan Poet") in Vinohrady, Prague. You might say I spent that time delivering poetry on plates.

In 2008, my waiter years came to an end and I started working with wine as a sales representative. All was well until my boss "rewarded" my years of loyal work by offering me a job as a driver. For that, I am eternally thankful to him, since if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be writing these lines today. With a heavy heart, I left the company to work outside my desired field for a time.

Thanks to my family, friends and former customers, I soon found enough courage to start my own business. After years of gathering experience and knowledge in gastronomy, wine shops, wineries and cooperation with Michal Procházka, who was awarded the title of best Czech sommelier several times, I founded the Vinum Ipsum company in 2011. I set forth to reach my goal without any capital to back me up. A big thank you is due to all my customers!

The Vinum Ipsum philosophy

To bring genuine and honest wines from authentic and distinctive winemakers.

The winemakers

My winemaking partners are people of the finest character who put their heart into wine production zealously. Their wines reflect their respective terroir (starting with, but not limited to, local wild yeast). Their mission is to create wines that express values concealed within vineyards and subregions; wines that draw their unique character from surroundings, soil, steepness, orientation, microclimate and specific characteristics of their place of origin. While tending their vineyards, the winemakers listen closely to nature and carefully consider every single step, for perfect balance is the only way to create wine that carries a true image of nature. This applies to winemakers from the beautiful Southern Moravia, as well as sunny Italy.

Vinum Ipsum owner and sommelier

Martin Kubata


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